America’s Got Talent

Those people who saw the last act of America’s Got Talent last night saw something special in the last act.  If you didn’t see it you can see it here:

I know exactly how he feels and we share the same attitude.  That is that we are not going to let our challenges keep us down.   If you’re going to let it get you down what are you going to for the rest your life?   Make the best of what you got and live life to the fullest.   There’s still lots  of life to live!

While at first our challenges may seem very different and were caused by difference circumstances we share one problem and that is communication.  He has a stutter that makes speaking very time consuming and difficult.  I have a similar condition with a lot of words but not all.  My strategy is to either find a different way to say what I want, or in some cases just don’t say it.  Another strategy is to use the expression “you know what I mean” when the topic is known.  That  strategy gets used more than I like.

Written communication is an another area where I have some obstacles to overcome.  I still have the same challenges I mentioned in this article.  I think that things haven’t improved in this area but I won’t stop trying.  The final product is pretty good, but getting there takes a lot of time, effort and concentration.  What takes you a few minutes to write can take me hours.

I am going end this here for the  reasons listed above.  If you haven’t watched the video watch it and appreciate what this person had to do to get in front of all those people.   I’m definitely a fan.

btw…  This took about five hours to write .


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