Everybody loves food. Pizza, wings, nacho’s, vegetation stuff, everybody loves food.

I used to love food. The day before the stroke i was at Hooter’s with Greg having lunch. I still remember what I ordered – deep fried pickles (awesome) and wings. I am diabetic, so I shouldn’t have been there (another post) but I was. The point is that I loved it.

Fast-Forward to today and I hate food. Since the stroke I have lost about 120 lbs give or take a few pounds. The hospital food was atrocious. They gave us a list where we were supposed to cross out the things we wouldn’t eat. I crossed every thing out. Apparently the computer has defaults, because it took them 3 days to figure out what I had done. There were weeks when I lost 5 or more pounds that week.

When I left the rehab center and came home I could only think about 2 things. One of them was food. I can’t remember what we had the first night except it was take-out. I think it was ok. Most foods were not OK. As time passes more and more food is going on the “no OK” list.

Except hamburgers. Certain hamburgers are pretty good. Wendy and 5 Guys in particular. Every Bomber game day my friend Jeremy and I would have hamburgers while the game was on. There are certain places (KFC and McDonalds for starters) that I promised myself I would never eat at again. I intend to keep that promise.

I am a type 2 diabetic. This complicates things because I have to worry about things such blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol and a bunch of other things. When I first entered the hospital my blood sugar was in the 28-33 range. Now it’s in the 4-5 range. This means that I have to take these things into consideration as well. Hamburgers and diabetes don’t mix that well.

I don’t eat much for lunch or supper and I don’t generally like snacks. I like Oatmeal Crisps at breakfast but I can’t eat it 3 times a day. I have to figure out what is going on because it is getting worse as time goes on. I can force myself to eat, but that sucks.

If any of you have experience with this I’d love to hear from you.


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