What have I been up to?

Wow… Has been a long time since I’ve written anything in this blog. I’ve decided to give anybody who reads this and update.

Probably the highlight has been the fact that I’m going through a divorce. My ex wife decided that the stress with  living with a stroke was too much for her.   I am now living on my own in an apartment. It’s certainly a different feelings living alone. I get home care four times a day, And one extra visit twice a week for baths.

My wife decided she wanted our dog so I am about to bring  another person into my family. His name is Harry. He is a rat terrier/poodle cross.  Unconditional love is the best kind and Harry  Will provide that.

I had two seizures eight hours apart back a while. I miss my pills one morning and  two days later they paid the price for it. I had one seizure when I went to bed and I had the next one the next morning when I woke up. Have not had that happen before. The good news is that before that I was almost one year Seizure free.

My walking has become harder.   It’s actually going backwards it seems. Hopefully I’ll be able to start making progress again.

I think my memory has been slowly getting better. I still forget a lot of things but not as much as I used to since the stroke. Speech is pretty much the same as it was before. I can see the words in my head that I want to speak but somewhere between my brain and my mouth Things get muddled up.

About the only other thing that I wanted to mention is that the Winnipeg Jets are already out of the playoffs.  That really pisses me off.

Hopefully I’ll have another entry in this blog soon!