An update

It’s been a while since I’ve written in the blog. I’m not sure why I haven’t but it’s time for an update.

First of all my dog passed away. He was a great dog except for the fact that he started biting in the last couple years. He had a lot of medical problems and when I think back I think the problem was something to do with his Health. We miss him with all of our heart and he’ll always have a special place there. He was a Great companion that gave me someone to talk to during these long days.


Then along came Bentley. We got him two days after Jack was put down. Some people may think that was too quick but I needed something to occupy me during the day and he was the perfect companion. We got him as a puppy so we are dealing with all the things that come with having a puppy. He is very mischievous and sometimes not in a amusing way. He’s a puppy so he should grow out of most of these bad habits. Now that it’s spring we’ve started taking him for walks and he really enjoys it.

On another note I have started A kidney stone garden ;). I’ve had two operations so far to get rid of two Stones. And I have another one growing. The first Stone ended up taking up my right kidney. The surgeon said I was lucky that it didn’t do any damage. They had to go in through my Side, cut into my kidney blast it and suck it out. The surgeon said that it was one of the bigger ones that he has removed. The second one was about The size of a piece of rice but got lodged in a bad place so they had to go in and blast it. They did the operation on Christmas Eve but I was out by Christmas day. Why can’t these be diamonds. I definitely would be rich.

We have been in our new condo for about eight months now. As much as I miss our old place the condo is great. It’s easy for me to get around because there are no stairs and it is open concept. We are also very close to my wife’s family so if there is an emergency or they want to visit they’re only five minutes away.

We also have traded in our vehicle which was an SUV for a mini van. We put a lift in the back so that we can put my electric wheelchair in the back and go places. In the condo I use my cane to get around, but if we are going to be out I use the electric wheelchair so my wife doesn’t have to push me and I can get around much faster.

The lift was about $3800 and works very good. I recommend looking into this option if you’re thinking of doing any kind of modification to your vehicle so you can put a wheelchair in it. If you can to walk with the king to the back of your vehicle this is a very cost efficient way of bringing your electric chair wherever you have to go. If you want to know more about it let me know and I can talk to you about it.
And another note is that I am still having seizures. They seem to come every 6 to 8 months or so. They are usually three placed close together and then that’s it for another 6-8 months or so. My neurologist has given me Ativan to try to take when a seizure comes on. I am not sure if I’ll be able to get the pill into my mouth before the seizure comes on but I’m sure as hell going to try. Apparently it helps reduce the seizure so that the affects are a lot less severe. I have a type of seizure called a Grand Mal. Basically it’s the kind you see when the person is jerking around and usually loses consciousness. I don’t lose consciousness all the time but it is a terrible thing to go through.

As far as the paralysis on my tight side nothing has changed. My right Side of my body is paralyzed except for a enough mobility in my leg to use a cane to move around my condo. After that it becomes tiring and physically challenging to go farther than that.

As far as my mental disabilities there has been a little bit of improvement.  My memory has improved a bit.  I am starting to remember future appointments.  I still can’t write but I’m going to try to improve that.  My writing skills with the laptop are still challenging.  I will type the same word a couple of times and then I have to go back and repair it. Sometimes I don’t see the problem until I’ve written a bit more.  This is one of the problems I will have when I try to write.  Trying to correct it when you’ve already written more is very hard to do vs. typing.  This is why I type instead of write.  I also use voice to text tech to write where ever possible.  It is faster and a bit more accurate then me typing.

This is a good place to end this blog entry.  I will try to update it more often but we see how that is been going.