I got my Apple Watch – Here are my first impressions

First of all a confession – Before the stroke I was definitely in the anti-apple camp.  Not so much any more.  I am writing this on a MacBook Pro.

The watch came in a box that weighed a lot more than I thought it would.  It was typical Apple packaging – well thought out and made to let you know that you bought something that shouldn’t cost this much 😉

Then you put on.  Immediately I knew it was like all my other Apple products – made to look beautiful but also serve a purpose.  What that purpose was for me was to figure out if it could help me and other people with rehab and then post-stroke life.

I believe the answer is yes.  How will be discussed on my other blog (http://wearables.rehab).  Check it out!

Probably the best way to describe the usefulness is that i’ve had it for 24 hours and it’s already part of my daily routine like it has been there for years.  Now when I would reach for my phone I can now do the same task quickly from my wrist and it feels natural.  Siri on this thing is awesome and I feel that it is better than Siri on the iPhone.  That could be my imagination (maybe it uses the iPhone for Siri) but it seems to work better.

I’m getting tired so I will continue this later.  But for now believe me when I say that this device is very useful and I think has a lot of potential in rehab and post-rehab situations.

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