Hello Again

I am back.

It’s been a long time since I wrote in this blog.  I’d say that I have been busy, but that’s not true.  I have lots of time on my hands, but I have been focusing it on other things. 

Anyway, here’s what has been happening in my life:

  • Still waiting to find out when I will get the surgery to remove the great big kidney stone (someway between the size a quarter and a looney).  It’s been over 5 months and still don’t have a date.  It is effecting my walking because of the pain.
  • The PC’s won the election and one of the promises made was a stroke unit in Manitoba.  I plan on being a pain in the ass to them until it gets done.  You should see more blog entries about this in the future.
  • I have a lump on my “bad” foot on the bottom that has started hurting a lot.  I went to a orthopaedic surgeon and he told me it was from the muscles in my leg contracting and causing the lump. He wouldn’t cut my foot off like I requested (a joke) and said that instead I need a new brace for that foot. That is the one that I have to wear every day so I can walk with a cane. He said that the place I was using for my brace was not that good and has wrote me a prescription to get one from what he says is a awesome place.I guess I’ll find out. That surgeon must’ve been in 80 years old, and I’m serious about that.
  • After seven months of not having a seizure I had two in one month. They were the worst ones since I had the stroke and both were in the morning. We have significantly upped my seizure medication to see if that will help. So far so good. It’s been about a month.
  • I have not been able to do any kind of exercises because of the reasons above. My walking has gotten A little bit worse. I also have lost a lot of mobility in my being able to lean over. I’m hoping that I will get the surgery and brace soon so I can resume my exercises.

And now the good news…

We bought a condo and sold our house. We are doing this because it will be much easier for me. I have an electric wheelchair and I will now be able to go places on my own.  It is a handicapped friendly condo with doors that automatically open and no ramps.  The person who sold it to us told me they could put a Rail in the exercise room so I can go up there for my exercises. I can also use the hallways to practice my walking.

I really know how much my wife has given up to do this and I can’t tell you how much I love her for doing it. It was a big sacrifice for her and I appreciate what she’s doing .  The condo is a little smaller than our house (200 square feet smaller).  That means a significant amount of downsizing and selling furniture so we can have furniture that will fit in the condo. It is a brand-new condo and is very nice.  The house we are in we built and was supposed to be our forever home but circumstances have prevented that. We’re going to miss this place but I’m sure we will love our new place as soon as we get used to it.

That’s all I got to say for now. You should hear from me again soon as I want to keep this blog up-to-date. Good bye for now and I hope you all have a safe summer!