(This is a entry I started a long time ago and just finished today)

Something that I suffer from from but have not talked about so far is seizures.  I suffer from them.

My first one was just after the stroke.  December 31, 2013 to be exact.  This was when they discovered that the bleeding in my brain had not stopped.  Two doctors and a surgeon signed off that there was no way to stop the bleeding and I was dying.  Nope.  Nada.   The next morning (January 1) I woke up and start on the long  road to recovery.  I like challenges and I wasn’t about to let some doctors tell me I was going to fail this one.  What do they know any way?  😉

My second one was in rehab.  At supper in front of 29 other patient plus some staff.  I didn’t know I was having one until I woke up with a bunch of nurses and Doctors around me.  It was a gran-mal seizure (the worse kind).  

My third one was my first at home.  It happened around 6 pm.  I just finished supper and was face timing my mother.  Within 10 seconds of her answering the seizure began.  She saw the whole thing on FaceTime .  My wife handled the situation very well, calling 911 and making sure I was ok.

My fourth one was exactly like the third.  Once again just before supper, and once again while talking to my mother on FaceTime.  I joked that my mother was causing them.  My neurologist assured me that neither my mother or FaceTime were causing them.

There was a fifth was but all I remember is that it was just before supper and I wasn’t talking to my mother.

We are trying to find a dose of anti-seizure medicine that will keep them at bay.  Hopefully they can do that.


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