2 years ago today

Today is the second anniversary of my stroke.
Two years ago at this exact time I was still feeling “normal”. About three hours from now I was lying on my floor paralyzed.  2 days from now I was fighting for my life.  New Years Eve 2013 was the worst day of my life.  January 1, 2014 was the best day of my life.  I had looked death in the eye and told it I wasn’t ready yet, and started the uphill climb to where I am today.  And i’ll continue on that climb for the rest of my life – but that is  not as bad as it may seem.   I’ve learned a lot about myself  and what I’m capable of, and I’m very proud of what I’ve done so far.   The doctors didn’t think I would survive the night and I did.    Then they figured I would be in a home for the rest of my life. I am – but it’s my home and not an institutionalized one.   I still have problems and  i’ll have some for the rest my life, but what those problems will be I’m really not sure yet.

But that’s OK. What happened, happened and I have accepted that.  As far back as I can remember after the stroke I understood that my life would never be the  same.  I think being able to accept that as soon as I did has made the transition to this new life a lot easier.  My wife often tells me she is surprised that I have such a positive outlook after all I have been through but the fact that I’m here today to write this it a perfect example of why I have that attitude… I am here and not just a memory.  So don’t ever feel sorry for me because that would really hurt Me.  I have never felt sorry for myself and no one else should either.  Instead, look at what I have accomplished and feel proud of me.

So here’s to another year.  It will be a good one, just like the last one was.

So have a happy new year and I’ll talk to you on January 1, when I have more to write.  Be safe.



5 thoughts on “2 years ago today

    1. Thank you. There was two ways I could’ve approachEd life after the stroke. The way I did or the other way where I feel sorry for myself and expect everybody else to as well. in my eyes my approach is the only one that makes sense. The other way just ends up with me having a miserable life and also affecting the people around me the same way. That’s not my style and it never has been. Life’s not that bad and I’m going to make the best of it 🙂


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